Just a Minute (Hardcover)

In the Heart of a Child, One Moment ... Can Last Forever

By Dr. Wess Stafford, Dean Merrill

Moody Publishers, 9780802404725, 224pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2012



<P>How long does it take to make a difference in the life of a child?</P><P>For good or for ill, individual moments in a young person's life can make all the difference in their future. It may be something said or done by an adult who hardly thinks about it: a hug, a compliment, an intriguing question, a sincere applause. But in that moment, the child discovers who they are, what is important to them, why they matter, and sometimes even what their destiny will be. Most of us want to help encourage and build into this next generation, most of us see the need all around, but we just have no idea where to begin.</P><P> </P><P>Now, with this book, you know where to begin and you know that it only takes <EM>Just a Minute</EM>. Follow along as Dr. Wess Stafford, president of <EM>Compassion International</EM>, shares stories and experiences to introduce you to the difference you can actually make anywhere on the spectrum of child development. From helping meet physical needs to breaking down emotional barriers and from discovering latent talents to equipping with spiritual insights, these stories are a catalyst for action.</P><P> </P><P>You don't have to be a teacher, a parent, a pastor, or a doctor to make a difference in the life of a child. You only have to be willing!</P>

About the Author

WESS STAFFORD From the poor of Africa's Ivory Coast to President and Chief Executive Officer of Compassion International, Dr. Wesley K. Stafford - Wess - has maintained one simple belief: God's children are priceless resources. To that end, Wess leads Compassion's efforts to break the cycle of poverty for children everywhere. Wess joined the staff of Compassion International in 1977 and has worked with the ministry, both overseas and at headquarters, for 34 years. He has served as president since 1993. Wess lives on a small ranch near Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife, Donna, of 32 years who was a Compassion sponsor even before she met Wess! They have two daughters, Jenny and Katie - the two children in the world for whom Wess is the greatest advocate of all.