Weaving: Methods, Patterns, and Traditions of the Oldest Art (Hardcover)

Methods, Patterns, and Traditions of the Oldest Art

By Christina Martin

Walker & Company, 9780802714572, 64pp.

Publication Date: August 25, 2005



In all early cultures, weaving represented the image of creation. In this beautiful book, Martin presents the history, folklore, and techniques of weaving through various cultures. She explains and illustrates the three basic weave structures-plain weave, twills, and satins-along with many famous weaving patterns. Traditions of dyeing, fiber preparation, and spinning are introduced along with the rich legacy of myths and legends they have engendered. Diagrams illustrate the construction of various looms, from the simple backstrap loom to the complex and revolutionary Jacquard loom. For anyone who has ever knitted, sewn, or woven, this book is a treasure.

About the Author

Christina Martin is an artist, freelance illustrator, and the author of Holy Wells in the British Isles. She lives in England.