Ruler & Compass: Practical Geometric Constructions (Hardcover)

Practical Geometric Constructions

By Andrew Sutton

Walker & Company, 9780802717764, 58pp.

Publication Date: November 3, 2009



Since the earliest times mankind has employed the simple geometric forms of straight line and circle. Originally marked out by eye and later using a stretched cord, in time these came to be made with the simple tools of ruler and compass. This small book introduces the origins and basic principles of geometric constructions using ruler and compass, before going on to cover dozens of geometric constructions, from the practical fundamentals to the more demanding.

- Constructions for more than thirty regular polygons

- Introduces geometric construction using compasses alone and using rulers alone

- Explains why trisecting an angle is impossible using classical rules and how to trisect an angle anyway

- Highlights the relationship of geometric construction with many fundamental developments throughout the history of mathematics

About the Author

Andrew Sutton is a high school mathematics teacher based in the UK. He has taught in London and New York and has a special interest in mathematics in art.