Eyes Right (Hardcover)

Confessions from a Woman Marine

By Tracy Crow

University of Nebraska Press, 9780803235045, 224pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2012

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Just out of high school in 1977, her personal life already a mess, Tracy Crow thought the Marines might straighten her out. And sure enough, in the Corps she became a respected public affairs officer and military journalist—one day covering tank maneuvers or beach assaults, the next interviewing the secretary of the navy. But success didn’t come without a price.

When Crow pledged herself to God, Corps, and Country, women Marines were still a rarity, and gender inequality and harassment were rampant. Determined to prove she belonged, Crow always put her career first—even when, after two miscarriages and a stillborn child, her marriage to another Marine officer began to deteriorate. And when her affair with a prominent general was exposed—and both were threatened with court-martial—Crow was forced to re-evaluate her loyalty to the Marines, her career, and her family.

Eyes Right is Crow’s story. A clear-eyed self-portrait of a troubled teen bootstrapping her way out of a world of alcoholism and domestic violence, it is also a rare inside look at the Marines from a woman’s perspective. Her memoir, which includes two Pushcart Prize–nominated essays, evokes the challenges of being a woman and a Marine with immediacy and clarity, and in the process reveals how much Crow’s generation did for today’s military women, and at what cost.

About the Author

Tracy Crow is a former Marine Corps officer and the author of Eyes Right: Confessions from a Woman Marine (Nebraska, 2012) and On Point: A Guide to Writing the Military Story (Potomac Books, 2015).

Praise For Eyes Right: Confessions from a Woman Marine

“A riveting memoir!”—Fred Leebron, author of Six Figures

— Fred Leebron

"What's refreshing about this memoir is the absence of finger-pointing or assignment of blame. Crow tells her story in a clear voice devoid of self-indulgent apologia. With humility and clarity, she covers both the betrayals she encountered and the self-discovery she made in the aftermath of the maelstrom in whose center she found herself."—Lorrie Lykins, Tampa Bay Times

— Lorrie Lykins

"Eyes Right provides fascinating details about Marine life, from training exercises in the high desert to the intricacies of relationships with superiors, subordinates and officers."—Shelf Awareness

— Shelf Awareness

"You might not know that the female-soldier memoir is a genre. Perhaps you don't know that because so few of these true accounts were written by professional writers like Tracy Crow, enlisted women who later became creative-writing professors."—Village Voice

— Village Voice

"Crow's is an engrossing story, and her impeccable storytelling skills bring her battles and triumphs—in the military and at home—vividly to life."—Publishers Weekly

— Publishers Weekly

"This book will be of interest to military and Marine Corp historians as well as feminists and female Marines and soldiers."—Therese Nielson, Library Journal

— Therese Nielson