The Ring Went Zing!: A Story That Ends With a Kiss (Hardcover)

A Story That Ends With a Kiss

By Sean Taylor, Jill Barton (Illustrator)

Dial, 9780803733114, 40pp.

Publication Date: June 10, 2010



Once upon a time, once and never again, a frog fell in love with a chicken, and so he bought her a golden ring. But when he drops that ring? Well, that's when the real fun starts. From the swan in sports gear to a skateboarding rabbit, from a tricycling goat to a dachshund on a motorcycle, the antics get faster and funnier with each new page turn. The frog finally does get the ring back, teamwork prevails, and the story ends with a kiss (just not the one you might expect!).

Sean Taylor?s boppy rhythms and a ringing refrain will have kids anticipating lines and shouting along. Of course, a great read-aloud is made even better by great illustrations, and award-winner Jill Barton delivers with comically attired animals and a variety of kid-appealing vehicles. A perfect ?every kid? book in the classic mold.

About the Author

Sean Taylor splits his time between England and Brazil. Jill Barton lives in Devon, England.