Celebration, U.S.A.: Living in Disney's Brave New Town (Hardcover)

Living in Disney's Brave New Town

By Douglas Frantz, Catherine Collins

Henry Holt and Co., 9780805055603, 352pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 1999



A prize-winning reporter, his wife, and their two kids describe life in Disney's vision of the future.

In 1997, six months after the first residents had moved into Celebration, Florida-Disney's town of the future with its distinctly retro link to a longed-for past-Doug and Cathy and their two kids closed on their new home and settled down to participate in (and observe) this new venture. Their report from the trenches will surprise both Disney haters and Disney fans.

What is it like to start a new community-not a suburb or subdivision, but a town, inted to be a self-supporting community with the best of the new technologies (including the very latest in teaching techniques) and the most cherished elements in American towns that existed before the automobile turned everything into a mall? For almost two years the family lived this experiment firsthand. Their report is vivid, funny, and painful-and it tells us as much about ourselves and our hopes and dreams as it does about the daily reality of building a community from the ground up.

About the Author

Nick was eleven and Becky was ten when Doug Frantz and Cathy Collins moved to Celebration, Florida. Doug is on the national staff of The New York Times, and he is the author of four books, including From the Ground Up and Levine and Co. He and Cathy are the authors of Teachers: Talking out of School.