The Giants and the Joneses (Hardcover)

By Julia Donaldson, Greg Swearingen (Illustrator)

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR), 9780805078053, 224pp.

Publication Date: August 11, 2005



""All wet " said Poppy."
" "Yuk " said Stephen. "Was that a kiss?""
" Before Colette could answer, it was her turn. She was lifted up and brought toward the shining pink lips. She closed her eyes. The next second she felt a dampness all over her cheek and an explosion in her ear. "
" She dared herself to open her eyes, and caught a glimpse of a hairy nostril before she was lowered again and pushed through a door."

Tiny people and a GIANT adventure

Jumbeelia the young giantess loves to hear the old story about the iggly plop who climbed up the bimplestonk to the giants' land of Groil. Then, one day, she throws a bimple over the edge of Groil.

Down, down, down Jumbeelia climbs right down into the land of the iggly plops, where she discovers Colette, Poppy, and Stephen Jones; puts them into her canvas bag; and carries them back to Groil.

Soon the children find themselves shut in her dollhouse, with no visible means of escape. With danger surrounding them at every turn, the children must use all their wits to survive and figure out a way to get back home . . .

About the Author

Julia Donaldson is the author of more than fifty books and plays for children, including "The Gruffalo," winner of the Smarties Book Prize. She grew up in London and now lives in Glasgow with her family. Greg Swearingen is a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design. He was awarded the Norman Rockwell at Stockbridge Award from the Society of Illustrators in 1998. He lives in Idaho.

Praise For The Giants and the Joneses

“The Giants and the Joneses had humour, suspense and an invented language that enthralled me.” —The Evening Standard (London)

“Children will love this miniaturised adventure . . . it’s set to be a giant hit.” —The Herald (England)