White Man's Game: Saving Animals, Rebuilding Eden, and Other Myths of Conservation in Africa (Hardcover)

Saving Animals, Rebuilding Eden, and Other Myths of Conservation in Africa

By Stephanie Hanes

Metropolitan Books, 9780805097160, 304pp.

Publication Date: July 11, 2017



A behind-the-scenes look at the celebrated yet troubled Gorongosa wildlife preserve, where Western conservation efforts are colliding with African culture

The stunningly beautiful Gorongosa National Park, once the crown jewel of Mozambique, was nearly destroyed by decades of civil war. For American multimillionaire Greg Carr, a tech mogul seeking new challenges, it looked like a perfect place for Western philanthropy: under his guidance, he promised, Gorongosa would be revived as an ecological paradise. But what of the local Mozambicans themselves, who had been living in the area for centuries? In White Man's Game, journalist Stephanie Hanes traces Carr's effort to tackle one of the world's biggest environmental challenges, showing how the ambitious reconstruction turned into a dramatic clash of cultures.

In vivid, you-are-there stories, Hanes takes readers on a virtual safari into this remote corner of southern Africa. She faces down lions and malaria, describes what it takes to transport an elephant across international borders, and talks to park workers and wildlife poachers who sometimes turn out to be one and the same. And she examines the larger issues that arise when Western do-gooders try to fix complex, messy situations in Africa, acting with best intentions yet ignoring the experience of the people who actually live there.

A gripping narrative of environmentalists and warlords, elephants and rainmakers, poachers and millionaires, White Man's Game profoundly challenges the way we think about philanthropy and conservation.

About the Author

Stephanie Hanes is a regular correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor and an award-winning journalist whose stories have appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Baltimore Sun, Smithsonian, and on PBS NewsHour. Her work has been supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and by a fellowship from the Alicia Patterson Foundation. White Man's Game is Hanes's first book. She lives in Massachusetts.