The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate (Hardcover)

By Jacqueline Kelly

Henry Holt & Company, 9780805097443, 320pp.

Publication Date: July 7, 2015

List Price: 16.99*
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Callie Vee, Travis, Granddaddy, and the whole Tate clan are back in this charming follow-up to Newbery Honor-winner The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate.

Travis keeps bringing home strays. And Callie has her hands full keeping the wild animals-her brother included-away from her mother's critical eye. Whether it's wrangling a rogue armadillo or stray dog, a guileless younger brother or standoffish cousin, the trials and tribulations of Callie Vee will have readers laughing and crying and cheering for this most endearing heroine.

This title has Common Core connections.

About the Author

Jacqueline Kelly was born in New Zealand and raised in Canada. She now makes her home with her husband and various cats and dogs in Austin and Fentress, Texas. She is the author of The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate, among other books.

Conversation Starters from

  1. Why do the people in Fentress and the mayor of Galveston refuse to listen to Captain Tate’s prediction about the storm? Why is he so sure the storm is going to occur? What other options does Captain Tate have to warn the people?generic viagra price canada
  2. When Calpurnia’s grandfather begins to teach Calpurnia about air pressure, he has Calpurnia make a barometer even though he already has one. Calpurnia says, “This is going to be one of those lessons about learning something from the ground up” (page 30). What does she mean by that statement? What other lessons does she learn from the ground up?generic viagra price canada
  3. Why is Aggie so unfriendly toward Calpurnia? How does Calpurnia negotiate with Aggie to get what she wants from Aggie?generic viagra price canada
  4. How do Calpurnia and her grandfather try to help Travis overcome his repulsion of blood and guts? Why is it important for him to be able to look at blood without getting sick?generic viagra price canada
  5. How does Calpurnia prove to Dr. Pritzker that she can handle the job of his assistant? Why is Dr. Pritzker so surprised by Calpurnia’s actions and knowledge?generic viagra price canada
  6. Calpurnia is overwhelmed by the secrets Travis and Aggie ask her to keep. What are those secrets? Why is Calpurnia willing to cover for both Aggie and Travis?generic viagra price canada