The Queen of Sleepy Eye (Paperback)

By Patti Hill

B&H Publishing Group, 9780805447507, 408pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2008



En route to college in the summer of 1975, sensible seventeen-year-old Amy gets stuck in smalltown Colorado when the 1958 Pontiac Bonneville Sports Coupe driven by her insufferable tiara-toting mom, Francie former Queen of the Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, Corn Festival surrenders to a mortally wounded transmission.

It doesn t take long to realize that thirty-three-year-old Francie is out of money and in no hurry to let go of her daughter, so the two unpack indefinitely. Amy finds work at a funeral home, a place where her unlikely Christian faith can work itself out among the town's young and old, geeks and jocks, hippies and clergy alike.

Trying not to judge her mom's serial boyfriend escapades, Amy ends up in a tragic love triangle herself which gives both mother and daughter the chance to do some real growing up. But in a surprise twist, their road to healing still has many miles to go in 2008 as they travel back to Sleepy Eye in that old 58 coupe.
"The Queen of Sleepy Eye" is written with exquisite depth of character . . . a fantastic story.
Hannah Alexander, author of the Hideaway series
Few stories are able to balance both the crushing cost of sin and the transforming power of grace. "The Queen of Sleepy Eye" succeeds brilliantly. The author invites us on a journey with complex characters so real that we cry when they fail and rejoice when they reveal brilliant glimpses of God at work in their hearts. Patti Hill crafts each word with beauty and artistry, enhancing this poignant tale of regret and redemption.
Sharon Hinck, author of "Symphony of Secrets" and "Renovating Becky Miller"
This book captured me from the first page In every way, it's a keeper from the eloquent writing to the rich cast of characters that breathe life into this coming-of-age tale. But it's more than just a story about growing up; it's about life and loss, love and forgiveness, and discovering that there is more to the world than what we see. You ll love "The Queen of Sleepy Eye"
Susan May Warren, author of "Taming Rafe"
Quirky yet powerfully emotional. Amy's mother is outrageous, but it is also poignant how her daughter strives to understand her. This novel is a gem for all women's fiction lovers
Camy Tang, author of "Only Uni" and "Single Sashimi.

About the Author

Patti Hill, after years of raising children and then joyfully teaching elementary school, finally took her long-ago college English professor s advice ("You should be a writer") and fulfilled the dream of having her first novel published to wide acclaim in 2005. She writes almost every day now and lives with her husband in Grand Junction, Colorado."