A Theology for Family Ministries (Hardcover)

By Michael Anthony (Editor), Michelle Anthony (Editor), Ken Canfield (Foreword by)

B&H Publishing Group, 9780805464214, 265pp.

Publication Date: July 1, 2011



The times are definitely changing. What was once simply referred to as a Nuclear Family in North America has morphed into labels such as Non-Traditional Families, Fragmented Families, Single-Parent Families, Gay-Partner Families, Blended Families, and beyond.

"It may not always be pretty, but it is reality, and that's the intersection between biblical ideal and ministry practice," writes editor Michael J. Anthony in A Theology for Family Ministry.

With thoroughly researched input from a broad team of family experts, the book advises church and ministry leaders on how to make biblically and philosophically informed choices when reaching out to adults and children within these shifting paradigms. Emphasis is placed on what the Scriptures teach about the composition of the home, followed by discerning and hopefilled strategies for helping all families live out their God-given mandates.

"While the family may continue to change into models that bring discomfort and angst to some of us, we rest in the assurance that God has a plan for those who live in any of these new configurations of what we now call family," explains Anthony.

Other contributors include Ken Canfield, Michelle D. Anthony, Karen E. Jones, Freddy Cardoza, Michael S. Lawson, Richard Melick Jr., Curt Hamner, Leon Blanchette, Gordon R. Coulter, James W. Thompson, Timothy Paul Jones, Randy Stinson, Kit Rae, and David Keehn.

About the Author

Michael J. Anthony (Ph.D. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D. Claremont Graduate School) is currently serving as the president of Hume Ministries located in California. In addition, he is research professor of Christian Education at Biola University/Talbot School of Theology where he served for 27 years. He has been the president of the North American Professors of Christian Education on three occasions. Dr. Michelle Anthony is family ministry ambassador at Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa, CA., and family ministry architect for David C. Cook. She earned her B.A. from Biola University in Christian Education and her M.A. in Christian Education with an emphasis in Theology from Talbot Theological Seminary. She also earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Southern Seminary. She has written over a dozen resources in Children's/Youth ministries and Christian education and enjoys teaching, speaking, and serving in missions abroad.