Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger (Audio Cassette)

By Louis Sachar (Read by), Louis Sachar

Listening Library, 9780807281536

Publication Date: October 5, 1999



Read by the author
2 hours 28 minutes, 2 cassettes

It's been 243 days since Wayside School has been open for classes.

It's taken that long to rid the place of all traces of the cows.

When the students finally do return, you can bet all the craziness is back too, including a very strange counselor called Dr. Pickle who has a warped sense of humor.

The really big suprises come when Mrs. Jewls leaves to have her baby and the kids get some wacky substitute teachers. One of them even has three nostrils...and you won't believe what he's hiding in there!

Don't miss the fun at Wayside School...but watch out for flying potatoes on your way inside!