Love in the Garden (Hardcover)

By Moishe Black, Maria Green, Jean-Pierre Otte

George Braziller Inc., 9780807614679

Publication Date: July 17, 2000

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A garden is a peaceful, beautiful sanctuary, but beneath its serene appearance is a seething hive of sex, violence, and treachery--among its flowers and insects, that is. Based on years of voyeuristic observation, Love in the Garden reveals intricate, humorous, and often horrifying intimate details about the frenzied sexual lives of garden flowers and insects. Written with a poetic fancy and with wit, and from a shamelessly anthropomorphic viewpoint, Love in the Garden delights in the ingenuity and variety of the sexual tactics of insects and flowers. The bee orchid, for instance, attracts male bees by duplicating the scent emitted by female bees during mating season. A gullible male arrives and searches excitedly for the non-existent female opening. Then, a second male arrives, mistakes the first male for a female, and, as they wrestle and wiggle furiously, the bee orchid is pollinated. In the realm of insects, sex is often accompanied with violence and in some cases, even cannibalism. Take the notorious female praying mantis: in the midst of the sexual act, she beheads her enraptured male partner, who carries on though headless, while she devours him bite by bite. Love in the Garden does not aim to enrich the scientific knowledge of its reader. Instead, it hopes to involve the reader, through sexuality and all forms of sensation, in the turbulence of life.

About the Author

Moishe Black is emeritus professor of French at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. He is the translator of Farewell, My Queen by Chantal Thomas.