Fowling Piece (Paperback)

By Heidy Steidlmayer

Triquarterly Books, 9780810152229, 65pp.

Publication Date: February 28, 2012



Winner, 2013 Kate Tufts Discovery Award
Winner, 2012 John C. Zacharias First Book Award for best debut book by a "Ploughshares" writer

A remarkably mature first collection of poems, Heidy Steidlmayer's "Fowling Piece" is the debut of a highly original voice. As they search for meaning in both the extraordinary and the everyday, these poems, in exquisitely compressed language, display a fierce attention to the history of individual words and a surprising wit. In Steidlmayer's poetic landscape, words strike the reader as at once familiar and exotic, becoming instruments through which she is able to access and make sense of the most profound, irreducible aspects of human experience. Her mastery of and experiments in form are exceptional for a poet of any age. "Fowling Piece" offers the rare gift of a new poet whose work is truly new.

About the Author

Heidy Steidlmayer was awarded the J. Howard and Barbara M. J. Wood Prize from "Poetry." Her poems have appeared in "TriQuarterly," "Literary Imagination," and "River City." She lives in northern California.

Praise For Fowling Piece

?Heidy Steidlmayer?s poetic voice is original, quirky, profoundly attuned to the history of language, and keenly aware of mortality and the joy that can be seized even amidst mortal perils.? ?
Reginald Gibbons, author of Slow Trains Overhead: Chicago Poems and Stories

Of Steidlmayer’s work, Poetry magazine editor Christian Wiman wrote to The Sacramento Bee newspaper in September 2009: “She is a remarkable poet (who) writes poems of great compactness and density, as technically accomplished as they are emotionally devastating. This is an age of irony and sprawl, and she’s going – bravely and with great success – her own way. People may not know much about her work now, but they will soon.”