Point and Line (Paperback)

By Thalia Field

New Directions Publishing Corporation, 9780811214421, 148pp.

Publication Date: August 8, 2003



The wonderful writings in Thalia Field's long-awaited new book Point and Line defy categorization. They are "nicheless". Perhaps describable as "epic poetries", these riveting pieces represent a confluence of genres in which Thalia Field has been involved over the course of her career: fiction, theater, and poetry. Written from a constructivist, postgenre sensibility, they elude classification, and present the author's concern with clarity in a world that resists it. For instance, in "Hours" and "Setting, the Table", Field uses indeterminate performance techniques to emphasize the categorical/conceptual nature of thought. Other pieces use generative schemes, portraits of mental shapes, which create meaning out of noise. Visually, each chapter is captivating, showing the author's need for shapes and colors in her work, as well as her fascination with the contours of speech.