If You're Thinking of Living in . . .: All about 115 Great Neighborhoods in & Around New York (Paperback)

All about 115 Great Neighborhoods in & Around New York

By Michael Leahy (Editor)

Crown Business, 9780812929836, 496pp.

Publication Date: February 2, 1999



A Practical guidebook for house hunters, migrating apartment dwellers, and anyone curious abut life in 115 of New York's most livable neighborhoods and suburbs
For many people in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, the real estate section of the Sunday New York Times is the first part of the newspaper they read each week. This book is drawn from one of the most popular features in that widely read section, "If You're Thinking of Living In . . . " Every week, the column gives a detailed snapshot of a suburban community in the tri-state area or a metropolitan neighborhood in New York City, enabling readers to clearly understand a new area and decide if it might be the right place for them to live.
Now, these columns have been updated and edited into a valuable guidebook for anyone planning a move into the tri-state area or already living in the region and considering a move to another community, as well as for browsers who just enjoy this popular and informative feature.
Will acquaint you with 115 metropolitan neighborhoods and suburban communities in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
Consists of illuminating profiles on each locale, including safety, housing, schools, transportation, cultural and recreational facilities, and quality of life
Includes at-a-glance reference boxes that list such valuable data as median income of a community; median price of a single-family home, co-op, or condo; midrange rental rates; and commuting times and costs
Highlights which communities have the strongest school districts
Educates prospective home buyers on assessing the investment opportunities of purchasing real estate.

About the Author

Michael J. Leahy is the real estate editor of The New York Times.