Dedicated to the People of Darfur (Paperback)

Writings on Fear, Risk, and Hope

By Luke Reynolds (Editor), Jennifer Reynolds (Editor), George Saunders (Foreword by), Kim Edwards (Contributions by), John Bensko (Contributions by), Sarah Stone (Contributions by), Jim Shephard (Contributions by), Steve Almond (Contributions by), Beth Alvardo (Contributions by), Jane Armstrong (Contributions by), Jimmy Baca (Contributions by), Sherwin Bitsui (Contributions by), Robert Boswell (Contributions by), Paula Buck (Contributions by), Lindsey Collen (Contributions by), Ann Cummins (Contributions by), Gail Dines (Contributions by), Judy Doenges (Contributions by), Michael Dunn (Contributions by), John Dufresne (Contributions by), Andrew Greig (Contributions by), Tom Grimes (Contributions by), JC Hallman (Contributions by), Ron Hansen (Contributions by), Robert Jensen (Contributions by), Nancy Johnson (Contributions by), Kristen Keckler (Contributions by), Betsy Lerner (Contributions by), EJ Levy (Contributions by), Philip Lopate (Contributions by), Frank McCourt (Contributions by), James McPherson (Contributions by), Lynn Phillips (Contributions by), John Prendergast (Contributions by), John Robinson (Contributions by), Jane Smiley (Contributions by), Debra Spark (Contributions by), Peter Turchi (Contributions by), Ishmael Beah (Contributions by), Lynne Kelly (Contributions by), Ann Hood (Contributions by), Uzodinma Iweala (Contributions by), Nadine Gordimer (Contributions by), Linda Hogan (Contributions by), Bill Roorbach (Contributions by), Christopher Doyle (Contributions by), Howard Zinn (Contributions by), Robert Pinsky (Contributions by), Craig Walzer (Contributions by)

Rutgers University Press, 9780813546186, 256pp.

Publication Date: September 11, 2009

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Life's changes. They happen every day. Some large, some small. A few are very personal. Others impact the world. Dedicated to the People of Darfur: Writings on Fear, Risk, and Hope includes original and inspiring essays that celebrate the glories gained from taking risks, breaking down barriers, and overcoming any obstacles.

Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, a gallery of O.Henry award recipients, and many best-selling authors come together to share personal and compelling challenges and experiences. From contemplations on past drug use to reflections on gun control, social justice, passion and its sacrifices, and adventures such as skydiving, mountain climbing, and golfing, the topics vary greatly. This kaleidoscopic anthology is a commentary on the lives of prominent literary artists and ordinary citizens who have made simple, yet powerful choices that provoked change in one's self and for humanityùmuch the same way that Luke and Jennifer Reynolds do by building this invaluable collection for readers and the world of human rights.

Not too long ago, as struggling graduate students, Luke and Jennifer Reynolds conceived this uniquely themed volume as a way to raise funds to support ending the genocide in Darfur. Some people carry signs, others make speeches, many take action. What is most special about this book is that it extends beyond words and ideas, into a tangible effort to effect change. To this end, all royalties from the sales of Dedicated to the People of Darfur:Writings on Fear, Risk, and Hope will benefit The Save Darfur Coalition, an organization that seeks to end the genocide in Darfur, Sudan.

About the Author

Luke and Jennifer Reynolds are both passionate about human rights causes and literature. Currently they live in Marlborough, Massachusetts, with their son, Tyler. Luke is a teacher and writer and Jennifer is a freelance writer and full-time mother.