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A History of Computing Technology (Perspectives #6)

Michael R. Williams


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This second edition of the popular reference and textbook outlines the historical developments in computing technology. The book describes historical aspects of calculation and concentrates on the physical devices used to aid people in their attempts at automating the arithmetic process.

A History of Computing Technology highlights the major advances in arithmetic from the beginning of counting, through the three most important developments in the subject: the invention of the zero, logarithms, and the electronic computer. It provides you with an understanding of how these ideas developed and why the latest tools are in their current forms. In addition, it tells many of the interesting stories about both the machines and the scientists who produced them. It focuses on the extraordinary accomplishments of those computer pioneers whose work will stand as proof of their genius and hard work.

Wiley-IEEE Computer Society PR, 9780818677397, 440pp.

Publication Date: April 10, 1997

About the Author

Michael R. Williams is the author of A History of Computing Technology, 2nd Edition, published by Wiley.