Ultimate Quest (Paperback)

A Geek's Guide to (the Episcopal) Church

By Jordan Haynie Ware

Church Publishing, 9780819233257, 176pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2017

List Price: 16.95*
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- A thorough introduction to the Episcopal Church (vocabulary, theology, practice) for youth, young adults, seekers, geeks
- A humorous translation of Episcopal practices into geek lingo

This tongue-in-cheek introduction by Episcopal priest and certified geek J. M. H. Ware uses an "it's geek to me" approach to translate Episcopal theological concepts and rich church traditions into geek language, accompanied by comics that help the reader maneuver through the oft-dense liturgical and theological workings of the Christian tradition. A tool to evangelize and attract young people to church, it is useful for both those who have recently discovered The Episcopal Church and cradle Episcopalians who have always know there was magic here, helping them to deepen understanding of their faith and relate it to elements of their everyday life. It will also assist them in explaining their faith to friends, who may be even less familiar with Episcopal traditions than they are. This book endeavors to, as Rachel Held Evans has said, "creatively re-articulate the significance of the traditional teachings and sacraments of the church in a modern context" - specifically, in the geek context that is similar to, but more widely known, than church culture.

All nerds are welcome on this wild adventure through the Episcopal jungle: Begin the quest by diving into the Player's Handbook - otherwise known as the Book of Common Prayer. Discover the symbolism of every piece of equipment and vestment used during the service. Embrace the wonders of the Episcopal Disneyland we call General Convention. And embark on the adventure path that we call the Holy Eucharist. Ware's light and funny style make the impenetrable mysteries of theology, liturgy, and church history accessible for all, from fans of Star Wars to fans of Star Trek. Her church geekery is matched only by the depth of her knowledge of nerd culture. We solemnly swear that you will make your next Knowledge (religion) check

Audience: Youth, young adults, campus ministries (and their leadership), emergent church and their leadership; Gathering of Leaders; Young Clergywoman Project; Why Christian? audience