Boneshaker (Paperback)

By Jan Beatty

University of Pittsburgh Press, 9780822957799, 104pp.

Publication Date: February 21, 2002



In hard-hitting, sophisticated, often lyrical language, Jan Beatty investigates the idea of the body as cultural machine, shelter, mirage, or home. She rescripts the birth scene with girders and industrial pulleys; the womb as inhabited by a young gift architect. Structurally adventurous, the poems in Boneshaker question icons and invoke taboos, connect desire with place and class, walk the tightrope between sex and love.

Praise For Boneshaker

“There is a school of poetry where the poems have content, where they  communicate, where beauty is not forgotten. It is about work, family, and the lost towns. Grief. Jan is a central figure in this school.”
--Gerald Stern

“Language that’s often raw but honest, fresh and real (not to mention quite beautiful at times)  ... Buy it.”
--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette