Weimar Prussia, 1918–1925 (Paperback)

The Unlikely Rock of Democracy

By Dietrich Orlow

University of Pittsburgh Press, 9780822984962, 376pp.

Publication Date: December 15, 1986

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Orlow demonstrates that the success of parliamentary democracy in Prussia during the Weimar Republic found its roots in the strength of national unity developed during the nineteenth century, and the work of Catholics, Social Democrats, and Liberals during the time of Republic.

About the Author

Dietrich Orlow is professor of history at Boston University.

Praise For Weimar Prussia, 1918–1925: The Unlikely Rock of Democracy

“Dietrich Orlow, known for his detailed history of the Nazi party, deals here with the structure and functioning of the Prussian state government in the critical years of the Weimar Republic. [He shows] that the existence of a well-governed and relatively stable Prussia was crucial in enabling the Weimar Republic to survive its first six years, and he has provided a useful and worthwhile counterpoint to its history at the national level.”
—American Historical Review

“A provocative reinterpretation of Prussian political history between 1918 and 1925. . . . his research is thorough and impressive.”

“[Orlow] argues that Prussia's success at establishing stable cooperation among liberals, Catholics, and Social Democrats in the Weimar Republic was no accident. It reflected a reforming tradition dating to 1848. It incorporated a Prussian patriotism that regarded the integrity and stability of Prussia as vital for sustaining and modernizing the Reich as a whole.”
—Library Journal