The Making of a Graphic Novel: The Resonator, Vol. 3 (Paperback)

The Resonator, Vol. 3

By Prentis Rollins

Watson-Guptill, 9780823030538, 168pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2006



• Author is an established industry insider
and a master graphic storyteller

• Unique, dynamic format allows readers
to "look over the artist’s shoulder"

• Sales of graphic novels are booming

Graphic novels are changing the face of media. Now The Making of a Graphic Novel is here to explain the creation of a graphic novel in a way that springs organically from the very concept: It includes an entire new 86-page graphic novel by master of the genre Prentis Rollins. The novel is preceded by Rollins’s own clear, straightforward text explaining how to conceive, write, and finally draw, ink, and letter a graphic novel. Tasks are broken down into manageable pieces that can be understood even by beginners. The unique process allows readers to look over the shoulder of an artist as he creates—and then read the final masterwork. The Making of a Graphic Novel is sure to make a sensation among the many admirers of graphic novels, as well as everyone who appreciates fine storytelling and fine art.

About the Author

Prentis Rollins has been a professional comic-book artist and graphic novel artist for more than ten years. His projects have included "Junior League of America" and "X-Men," as well as the animated

portion of the hit musical "Avenue Q" on Broadway. He lives in New York City.