I Don't Need a Record Deal!: Your Survival Guide for the Indie Music Revolution (Paperback)

Your Survival Guide for the Indie Music Revolution

By Daylle Deanna Schwartz

Billboard Books, 9780823079483, 320pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2005



Thousands of people want to be recording stars, but lack a deal with a record label. While today's musicians have all the tools they need to build a recording career on their own-pro-tools for inexpensive recording and home recording, marketing on the Internet, and opportunities to license their music for use in films, television, advertising, and video games-they don't always have the skills to use them. I Don't Need a Record Deal! is a completely comprehensive step-by-step guide to the new world of independent recording. Drawing on interviews from over 150 musicians and industry pros, Schwartz shows readers how to put out a CD and market it through the media, radio, clubs, and retail. But more importantly, she shows musicians how to create a business around music and to develop opportunities for earning a living. Truly a survival guide for novice and professional musicians alike, I Don't Need a Record Deal! brings information on developing one's own independent music career together, adding new resources and taking the reader into the future of music.

About the Author

DAYLLE DEANNA SCHWARTZ is a music industry consultant, self-empowerment counselor, and successful author of many books including "I Don't Need a Record Deal" and "The Real Deal: How to Get Signed to a Record Label." She has appeared on more than 300 television and radio shows, including "Oprah" and "Howard Stern," and has been quoted in many publications, such as the "New York Times" and "Billboard." Schwartz lives in New York City.