The Story of Kites (Hardcover)

By Ying Chang Compestine, YongSheng Xuan (Illustrator)

Holiday House, 9780823417155, 32pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2003



What trouble have Ting, Pan, and Kuai gotten into now? When they're caught at school playing instead of doing their math, the teacher writes notes to their parents on each boy's left hand and demands that they hold up their guilty palms for everyone to see. The boys wish they could invent something for the teacher to write on besides their hands-something small and private. Can the creative Kangs concoct a formula for something similar to what we know today as ... paper? Learn how Ting, Pan, and Kuai spin their latest mischief into an important Chinese cultural invention, then try making your own homemade paper.