Miss Sally Ann and the Panther (Library Binding)

By Megan Lloyd (Illustrator), Bobbi Miller

Holiday House, 9780823418336, 30pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2012



Miss Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind was a woman of wonder. She could rope a hurricane, outspin a steam mill, and blow out the moonlight in a single breath. But her finest adventure was wrestling Fireeyes, a mean-as-tarnation panther whose eyes glared fire. Both fall in love with each other's coats at first sight, and lickity-split begin fighting. They raise such a racket that the moon dips onto its side and the Milky Way curdles. But neither one backs down, backs up, or backs out...until, finally, each wins the other's respect, and the two become great and glorious friends.