Zoo Ah-Choooo (Library Binding)

By Peter Mandel, Elwood Smith (Illustrator)

Holiday House, 9780823423170, 1pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2012



Watch out A giant ZOO AH-CHOOOO is headed your way Funny sound effects and wacky illustrations make this a laugh-out-loud favorite.
Snow Leopard started it: Ah-choooo Elephant passed it along: RRRrrr-eee-ahh-PHOOOO Now twelve Seals are spreading it: Ka-Frrrooo OOOOOOOOMMMMM A geyser bursts, a mud volcano erupts, and chaos reigns The zookeeper tries his best to minimize the mayhem, but he can't keep up Finally, he calls in the animal doctor. At last all is again quiet at the zoo until...was that a YAAAAWN?