The Traitor's Smile (Hardcover)

By Patricia Elliott

Holiday House, 9780823423613, 308pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2011



As the French Revolutin rages around her, wealthy and beautiful Eugenie de Boncoeur is no longer safe in her own country. She flees the bloody streeets of Paris for her cousin Hetta's house in England, narrowly excaping the clutches of the evil Pale Assassin, who is determined to force her to marry him. In England, Eugenie misses luxurious dresses and fancy parties, and she can't understand Hetta's idealist politics. But just as she is beginning to accept her new life, the Pale Assassin returns. In a thrilling game of cat and mouse that takes Eugenie back to Paris in the grip of the Reign of Terror, Eugenie must remain one step ahead of him--for she is but one step away from the guillotine.