The Upside of Ordinary (Hardcover)

By Susan Lubner

Holiday House, 9780823424177, 136pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2012



Jermaine Davidson wants to be famous--limo-riding,
camera-flashing, crowd-cheering famous. She decides
to become the first eleven-year-old producer and star of
a reality TV show about her life. Her family quickly tire
of her following their every move, filming them night
and day. But life around the Davidson house is dull, so
Jermaine starts staging events to elicit more drama,
excitement, and humor. Her unbridled ambition leads
her to alienate her best friend over a disastrous makeover
episode, send her arachnophobic mother packing,
turn an emotional family crisis into a tacky mystery
segment, and ruin her mother's chances to win the
annual Pickle Palooza. Filled with remorse, Jermaine
turns her talents to making amends and in the process
learns the upside of being part of a loving but ordinary