The Cowboy (Paperback)

By Hildegard Muller

Holiday House, 9780823433162, 24pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2015



Anna and her toy dog, Toto, are all set for the beach. Today Anna will give Toto a swimming lesson, and she has no time for the boy in the silly cowboy hat who watches them from the shore.

Toto is an excellent swimmer--but before long, he's bobbing out of reach. "TOTO " Anna cries. None of the adults know what to do, but the boy in the silly cowboy hat has an idea. In no time at all, he has rescued Toto with his trusty lasso. Maybe that hat of his isn't so silly after all

In this heartwarming story about mistaken first impressions, Hildegard Muller strikes the perfect endnote as the two new friends mosey off with Toto into a richly-hued sunset.