Reach for the Moon, Little Lion (Hardcover)

By Hildegard Meuller, Grace Maccarone

Holiday House, 9780823437771, 32pp.

Publication Date: January 30, 2017



Size is just a matter of perspective in this charming story about a little lion who is much, much smaller than the rest. The other animals laugh at him and tell him that real lions are so very big, they can touch the moon with a paw. When a friendly raven discovers the little lion atop a hill, sadly gazing at the moon, the wise bird tells him that to touch the moon, he must reach for it. The next night, Raven brings all the animals to the base of the hill, where at the tippy-top, Little Lion stretches his paw as far as he can. From where the animals are standing, it is clear: Little Lion can touch the moon . . . and no one ever doubts him again.