Liftoff Leadership: 10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership (Hardcover)

10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership

By Betty Shotton

Beaufort Books, 9780825306471, 188pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2011



America is in the midst of a leadership crisis. Businesses, employees, and citizens are suffering because of it. A narrow definition of success that demands profit at all costs has caused great harm to our economy and way of life. Our future needs quality leaders to get us back on track. What kind of leader are you? With engaging insights into the challenges of today's business climate, LiftOffLeadershiptakes readers on a journey into their unique leadership conduct and character, answering fundamental questions that leaders must ask themselves on the path to greatness: Who am I as a leader? What are my best attributes and guiding principles? How can I make a difference? With 35 years of experience as a CEO, entrepreneur, and commercial pilot, Ms.Shottonoffers readers an elevated perspective of how their leadership affects the lives of others and the communities they serve. Practical and fun to read, this is the perfect book for all leaders who hope to improve, and a reminder of what really counts in the end.