How the Other Half Lives: The Challenges Facing Clergy, Spouses, and Partners (Paperback)

The Challenges Facing Clergy, Spouses, and Partners

By Johnna Fredrickson, William A. Smith

Pilgrim Press, 9780829818727, 190pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2010



The lives of clergy partners and spouses are complicated by the demands of their partners' ordained ministries. Most are not prepared for the change to their everyday living and to their faith experience. How the Other Half Lives, written with clergy partners and spouses as the main focus, addressesfrom a theological and therapeutic perspectivethe challenges they face. It provides a basic primer for faith discussions, making it easier for spouses to discuss matters of the spirit with their ordained halves. Questions of different faiths, of choosing a faith community, financial problems, spiritual growth, and fostering children are some of the topics discussed.