Embodying Osiris: The Secrets of Alchemical Transformation (Paperback)

The Secrets of Alchemical Transformation

By Thom F. Cavalli

Quest Books (IL), 9780835608800, 277pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2010



The modern Western movement to embrace Eastern spiritual traditions usually stops with India and the Orient. Westerners have yet to discover the wisdom that dates back even further to ancient Egypt. With a Jungian perspective, clinical psychologist Dr. Thom F. Cavalli plumbs that wisdom through the myth of Osiris, the green-skinned Egyptian god of vegetation and the Underworld. As no one else has done, Cavalli draws on Osiris’s death and resurrection as a guide to spiritual transformation. The myth represents the joining of the conscious and the unconscious, the light and the dark, life and death, and shows how to live our temporal existence in service to and anticipation of eternal life. Cavalli sees the ancient art of alchemy which attempted to turn lead into gold as the key. The alchemical recipe "solve et coagula" (solution and coagulation) encoded in the myth describes the integration of all parts of a person and the method for achieving an experience of immortality in life and eternal life after death. The Osiris myth thus provides a model for the contemporary quest for individuation, the Jungian term for integrating ego and self, body and soul, in the process of becoming whole.

Praise For Embodying Osiris: The Secrets of Alchemical Transformation

A ground-breaking and much needed study of the connection between alchemy and the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Cavalli here interweaves history, myth and the evolution of human consciousness in a remarkable way. And by taking us on a journey through the trials of Osiris and Isis, he not only illuminates the transformation which lies at the heart of alchemy, but touches the very depths of the human soul.
-Cherry Gilchrist, author of Explore Alchemy (Heart of Albion Press, 2007) & Everyday Alchemy (Rider, 2002).

In this fascinating study of Egypt and the myth of Osiris, Thom Cavalli brings to bear not only scholarship but imaginative insight to uncover a wide range of meanings. He reveals not only how the image of Osiris influenced the development of alchemy but contains truths still of profound importance for those seeking wholeness and spiritual fulfillment.
-Jeffrey Raff, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst, author of Jung and the Alchemical Imagination.

At long last a modern Jungian psychologist examines the myth of Osiris and Isis...The wonderful insight and great tour-de-force by Professor Cavalli resulted in an inspiring book worthy of a prominent place in the libraries of all who are drawn to the mysteries of ancient Egypt.
-Robert Bauval, author of The Orion Mystery and The Egypt Code