The Gods of Roman Britain (Paperback)

By Miranda J. Green

Shire, 9780852636343, 76pp.

Publication Date: March 4, 2008



This book looks at the religious beliefs of the people of the Roman province of Britain and at the gods they worshipped. Little literary evidence survives and it is therefore necessary to rely almost wholly on epigraphic and iconographical representations. The book first examines the pre-Roman Celtic background to Romano-British religion from about 500 BC. The chapters following analyse the nature of the evidence; the introduction of Roman religion to the province; oriental cults including Christianity; the integration of Roman with pre-existing British and other Celtic cults, and the resulting composite religion which thus emerged. The final chapter examines stylised Celtic representations of anonymous divinities.

Miranda Green is currently Professor of Archaeology at University of Wales College, Newport, where she is also Director of the SCARAB Research Centre.