Maling & Other Tyneside Pottery: Album 170 (Paperback)

Album 170

By Rc Bell

Shire Books*, 9780852637920, 32pp.

Publication Date: August 24, 2010



In its centenary year of 1862 the Maling factory was producing 90 per cent of the jam jars used in England and Scotland. The most familiar items are probably the white pottery jars with a transfer-printed trade label, of the type still sometimes used for Keiller's and Frank Cooper's marmalade, and the blue and white jars made specially for Rington's tea. This book traces the development of the firm and describes the main production processes used. There are many illustrations of Tyneside wares and the identification marks employed by manufacturers.
About the author
R. C. Bell's knowledge of Newcastle pottery is extensive.

About the Author

R. C. Bell was born in 1917 in Sudbury, Ontario, and came to England in 1928. He qualified MB BS (London) in 1941. He became a plastic surgeon but is now retired. He has a large collection of old games and has written five books in the Shire 'Discovering' series, including Discovering Old Board Games.