Old Delivery Vans (Paperback)

By Nick Baldwin

Shire, 9780852638453, 32pp.

Publication Date: June 23, 2009



Providing a vital service to communities and businesses over the years, delivery vans have evolved through time, with many different models taking to the road. In the 1920s and 1930s many types of unusual bodywork were fitted and numerous and diverse technical specifications were available. Exploring the fascinating development of old delivery vans, the author discusses the improvements and fashions up to the 1960s, including the advances in locomotion from steam to petrol, electricity and diesel. With a close look at the Ford Model T, which first brought the van within the reach of high street business, and then at the more purpose-built light vans after 1945, this is a comprehensive and fully illustrated introduction to the history and design of classic delivery vans.

About the Author

Nick Baldwin, a member of the National Motor Museum Advisory Council and owner of several old commercial vehicles, has been interested in vans and lorries since his schooldays. After employment in the Land-Rover factory he moved into publishing, working on both Commercial Vehicles and Motor Transport. Now a freelance writer, he has been editor of Old Motor and a regular contributor to Truck. He writes for The Automobile, is historical consultant to the Vintage Commercial Vehicle Magazine and has written various books, including The Observer's Book of Trucks.