From Victorian to Modern: Laura Knight, Vanessa Bell, Gwen John 1890-1920 (Hardcover)

Laura Knight, Vanessa Bell, Gwen John 1890-1920

By Pamela Gerrish Nunn

Philip Wilson Publishers, 9780856676239, 112pp.

Publication Date: February 21, 2007



The book examines the impact of modernism on the work of three women artists -- Laura Knight (b.1877), Vanessa Bell (b.1879) and Gwen John (b.1876) -- whose training and early artistic careers were rooted in the Victorian tradition. The book examines and compares their development, their work and the positions they took in the crucial years of their careers between 1890 and 1920.
The book illuminates women's participation in the important question of how British art negotiated the challenges posed by post-impressionism, abstraction, significant form and the demise of narrative and anecdote at the beginning of the twentieth century.

About the Author

Pamela Gerrish Nunn is Associate Professor in Art History at the School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. Dr. Gerrish Nunn has published extensively in the field of women artists' work in the nineteenth century including Pre-Raphaelite Women Artists, Manchester City Art Galleries, 1997 and Problem Pictures: Women and Men in Victorian Painting, Scolar Press, 1996.