Nekropolis (Mass Market Paperbound)

By Tim Waggoner, Vincent Chong (Illustrator)

Angry Robot, 9780857660138, 413pp.

Publication Date: September 28, 2010



Meet Matt Richter. Private Eye. Zombie. His mean streets are the city of the dead, the shadowy realm known as Nekropolis.
This place has always been ruled by the vampire overlords.
Now they're plotting to destroy the city.
... overhis dead body.

More pulp than Pulp Fiction, more butt-kicking than Buffy, Nekropolis is the first in a deathly new series.
File Under: Urban Fantasy Zombie Detective - Undead City - Crime Overlord - Sexy Vampires ]

About the Author

Tim Waggoner is a novelist and college professor. His original novels include Cross Country, Darkness Wakes, Pandora Drive and Like Death. He's also created tie-in books for Forgotten Realms, Stargate SG-1, Doctor Who, Xena Warrior Princess, and others. He teaches composition and creative writing at Sinclair Community College, in Dayton, Ohio. The author lives in Centerville Ohio.

Praise For Nekropolis

"Waggoner introduces zombie PI Matthew Richter and his hometown of Nekropolis, the city of the dead, in this imaginative, morbidly witty, and frightening series launch. Vivid description and characterization, as well as a complex, intricately crafted setting reminiscent of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe, keep the pages turning at a rapid rate... Both horror and mystery readers will be delighted by this horror-noir adventure." - Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"It's hard to say if this singular novel, which boasts a wicked sense of humor to round off the horror, should be eligible for an Edgar Award or a Bram Stoker or both." - Elliot Swanson, Booklist

"This is the first novel of a three book series and if this lays the ground-work, we can be assured of a wild ride through the next two!" - SF Revu

"[Nekropolis] is an atmospheric and exciting mystery." - SF Site

"An up-and-comer who's worthy of the hype... Tim Waggoner is well on his way to being proclaimed horror fiction's leading surrealist." - Cemetery Dance

Waggoner aims to craft a genre-mash up being described as a combination of the 'vampires-have-taken-over-the-world atmosphere of Justin Cronin’s The Passage' with 'a twist to Dashiell Hammett in a seedy bar from Blade Runner.'" - Fangoria

"If you dig your noir and mystery with a heavy dose of horror and fantasy ... Matthew Richter’s first pulp adventure through the streets of Nekropolis will not disappoint."

"It's comical. It's endearing, odd for a story about zombies and vampires. It's suspenseful. It's damn good fun; that's what it is."

"Nekropolis is a wondrous place, populated with extraordinary beings that come alive on the page.  I was immediately hooked by Matt Richter and can't wait to read more. I give Nekropolis 5 out of 5 stars."