Kokoro (Mass Market Paperbound)

By Keith Yatsuhashi

Angry Robot, 9780857666185, 416pp.

Publication Date: April 4, 2017



Masterfully combining fantasy, science fiction and Japanese mythology, the sequel to Kojiki takes us into the heart of a war that spreads across the worlds.

On the planet of Higo, without the guidance of the Great Spirits, its people are descending into religious civil war. Baiyren Tallaenaq, Prince of Higo, is exiled after causing the death of his mother.

Freed from his responsibilities and the looming war, he steals their greatest weapon - a giant, sentient, armoured suit - and uses it to open a Portal to a world he never knew existed. A world called 'Earth͟'...home of a magical young woman called Keiko.

File Under: Fantasy Worlds Beyond - The God Machines - Through the Portal - A Singular Girl ]

About the Author

Keith Yatsuhashi is inspired equally by Lord of the Rings and Toho's Godzilla movies. He is Director of the US Department of Commerce Export Assistance Centre in Providence, Rhode Island. A long time ago, in a world far, far away, Keith was a champion figure skater. kmyatsuhashi.wordpress.com twitter.com/keithyatsuhashi Author hometown: Massachusetts, USA