Square Foot Gardening (Paperback)

By Mel Bartholomew

Rodale Books, 9780878573417, 347pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 1981



"Twice as much" in half the space

* A complete garden book for both the beginner and the expert
* A new way to garden with 80 percent less space and work
* The companion book to the nationally acclaimed television series
* Over 900,000 copies in print

"Square Foot Gardening" presents a new way to garden in less space with less work.

* Grow a perfect garden in only 10 minutes a day.
* Harvest the biggest tomatoes.
* Enjoy spectacular flowers every day.
* Ideal for beginners from 4 to 94.
* Simple, easy, attractive and rewarding gardens.

About the Author

Mel Martholomew, a retired engineer, found the answer to the frustrations of most gardeners, "I found a beter way to garden," says Mel, "one that's more efficent, more manageable and less work." The result is Square Foot Gardening. His method has received world-wid recognition for its simplicity and uniqueness and has been written up in every major newspaper and gardening magazine.

Praise For Square Foot Gardening

"The book is great and the method is even better."--Bob Thomson, host of Victory Garden

"Top 10 Gardening Best-Seller."--Publishers Weekly

"This is a good, competent gardening book, well written and sensibly presented."--Library Journal

"How to get more from less is one of life's major challenges today. Here is a book that does just that for those with a hoe..."--Booklist

"Bartholomew is a welcome presence..."--Kirkus Reviews

"This amazing discovery truly makes gardening fun and easy."--Mike Levey, host of Amazing Discoveries

"The approach is fascinating. It's new, different and very innovative."--Long Island Horticultural Society

"It's one of the few garden books that offers something new to the reader."--Christian Science Monitor