Back to the Garden: The Goal of the Journey (Paperback)

The Goal of the Journey

By Jackie K. Cooper

Mercer University Press, 9780881462340, 212pp.

Publication Date: March 30, 2011



Back to the Garden: The Goal of the Journey is the sixth book in the

"Journey" series by beloved southern author Jackie K. Cooper. The stories in this new book, as well as those in the past books, are based on Cooper's memories of his life in the South. Each story emphasizes an event in Cooper's journey through life and builds an overall picture of a man who is trying to live a life which will get him "back to the garden" where he will be eternally happy as well as at peace. The stories vary in their portrayal of this Everyman's ability to deal with the humorous and the dramatic events we all encounter on our journeys.

Readers of these stories will find a commonality with the author as they

recognize their own situations in his. This sharing of life stories is what has made Cooper's books so endearing and so popular. He writes with a sharp eye and an attuned ear in order to discover the common place occurrences as well as the unique situations.