Bones in the Basket (Paperback)

By C.J. Taylor

Tundra Books, 9780887764509, 32pp.

Publication Date: April 18, 1998



How did people come to inhabit the Earth? Were bones, collected in a basket, changed into people and scattered East, West, North, South? Perhaps animals formed the Earth from moss floating on a raft after a great flood. Or did the first woman fall through a hole in the sky to make her home on the back of a turtle? Did souls emerge from a dark underworld by climbing a grapevine? A wonderful collection of stories taken from Chuckchee, Cree, Mandan, Modoc, Mohawk, Osage, and Zuni legends.

About the Author

C.J. Taylor is an internationally acclaimed artist and children s author of Mohawk heritage. She has traveled extensively throughout North America helping make the rich cultural history of native people accessible to the young. Her paintings are in many private collections across Canada and the US. She is a self-taught artist and storyteller who has organized exhibitions of Native art across North America. She lives near the Kahnawake Reserve outside Montreal."

Praise For Bones in the Basket

About C.J. Taylor’s books:
“Taylor tells the tale with straightforward ease: her paintings, exquisitely evocative of their primeval setting.”
Kirkus Review

“Captivating art…particularly good for classroom discussions, as the diversity represented helps dispel the myth of a ‘generic’ Native American culture.”
School Library Journal