La Primera: The Story Of Wild Mustangs (Hardcover)

The Story Of Wild Mustangs

By Ian Tyson, Adeline Halvorson (Illustrator)

Tundra Books (NY), 9780887768637, 32pp.

Publication Date: March 10, 2009



Ian Tyson's classic song, beautifully illustrated for horse-loving youngsters everywhere
The story of the wild mustang in North America is the subject of La Primera, a song written and performed by Canadian folk singer and horse afficionado, Ian Tyson. And it is the subject of this handsome picture book with paintings by equine artist Adeline Halvorson.
In 1493, the first Spanish horses were loaded onto a ship and taken on a long, hard voyage to the Americas. Many died along the way and only a few survived. Among them was La Primera. Little by little, their numbers grew, and in time they were in Mexico with Cortez and his conquistadors, on the grasslands with the Comanche upon their backs, and in frontier towns serving the needs of cowboys.
The rugged wild mustangs still exist, and their bloodlines are traceable all the way back to those first horses and the careful records the Spaniards kept. That the animals have survived for five hundred years, while the world around them changed, is a tribute to their endurance and fiery spirit. Included with the story of the song is a section of historical facts on these amazing and beautiful animals and a CD of Ian Tyson singing La Primera.

About the Author

Ian Tyson is a Canadian icon who has long been one of North America s most respected singer-songwriters. A pioneer who began his career in the folk boom of the 60s, he was one of the first Canadians to break into the American popular music market. In the years that followed, he hosted his own TV show and recorded some of the best folk and western albums ever made. Tyson has a lengthy list of awards and honors to his credit: he has released numerous, highly acclaimed recordings, he is a recipient of the Order of Canada, and he has received Juno Awards and Canadian Country Music Awards. Ian Tyson tours constantly across Canada and throughout the United States, but he continues to live and work on his ranch in Alberta's Rocky Mountains.

Adeline Halvorson was raised in Kuroki, Saskatchewan. She knew at an early age that she wanted to be an artist, and in her rural upbringing, animals, especially horses, played a very important role. Her entire working life has been dedicated to her career. This self-taught artist spends most of her time researching and creating the paintings she markets to a growing group of collectors. Adeline Halvorson resides in Chilliwack, BC."