The Big Swim (Hardcover)

By Cary Fagan

Groundwood Books, 9780888999696, 128pp.

Publication Date: April 6, 2010



When his parents send him to summer camp for the first time, Ethan has just three goals. First, to survive. Second, not to be hated. Third, not to be the worst at anything. Instead, Ethan's real challenge comes in the form of a new cabin mate. Zachary arrives at camp late, surrounded by a cloud of rumors. He refuses to be given a nickname, loves the music of an ancient rock 'n' roll singer called Buddy Holly, and doesn t even seem upset when he is forced to miss the Big Swim, the legendary camp event where a select few try to swim across the lake and back. And unlike Ethan, Zach doesn t seem to care what anybody thinks of him, even Amber Levine the girl with an easy smile and a freckle on one knee.