Our Lady: An Erotic Novel (Hardcover)

An Erotic Novel

By Dale Gershwin

Mosaic Press, 9780889626928, 220pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2010



Set in Paris and Singapore (home of the Seven Deadly Goldfish), animated by a magnetizing set of off- beat characters, spiked with surprises and dizzying twists up to the very last words, Our Lady is a blend of The Perils of Pauline (crime adventure suspense ), Basic Instinct ( sex ), A Movable Feast ( romantic Paris ) and Marathon Man (running for your life ). Our Lady thrusts us into a world of international crime-sex-philosophy where almost no one and nothing are what they orginally seem: friends turn out to be enemies turn out to be friends, men-women, pawns-perpetrators, servants- masters. As we switch countries, continents and cultures in rapid succession, we discover who knew what before the other guy, who is not a guy at all In the shadow of Paris's renowed Norte Dame Cathedral (Our Lady) Leslie Brittain, a 33 year-old American PR consultant living in the French capital is targeted as an unknowing pawn in a cash and drug-drenched plan, masterminded by the Police Commissioner himself, to blow up the Cathedral. Can her machine-gun mind, daring spirit, and smart-ass mouth save the day?

About the Author

Dale Gershwin was raised in Philadelphia and lived on both US coasts prior to traveling the world and settling in Paris, where she has been for almost twenty years. She has worked for multinational and French corporations, honing her insights into what makes the French tick. She is also the author of Our Lady, an erotic thriller set in Paris, which was featured by Doubleday Book Club.