My Sister Bongsoon (Paperback)

By Ji-Young Gong

Mosaic Press, 9780889628311, 168pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2005



My Sister Bongsoon is an autobiographical novel. Through theeyes of Jiang, a precocious five-year old girl, the author relates how Bongsoon, a live-in maid who was uneducated, unloved but innocent and hard-working like most of the maids of those days, views the emerging new world of Korean reality. There is anguish, insight, but also immense painin this novel.Gong wrote: I decided to picture Bongsoon and many other maids like her who existed in the early stages of economic growth and who were simply ignored amid the hctic development of that era. My Sisster Bongsoon is my personal reflection as a comfortable middle-class person on all those women who we just neglected.

About the Author

Ji-young Gong was born in 1963 in Seoul and graduated from the English Literature Department of Yonsei University. As a college student, she was deeply committed to the student movement of the 1980s, and after graduation she devoted herself to the labor movement. She now lives in Seoul.