God's Country Club (Hardcover)

By Gail Donohue Storey

Persea Books, 9780892552191, 229pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 1996



Her heart set on Gabriel, Colleen Sweeney takes one step closer to commitment when she stores most of her belongings in a mini-warehouse and moves in with him, into his Houston condo complex, God's Country Club. Gabriel Benedict is a freshly divorced emergency room doctor with wealthy parents in Fort Worth and a name-sake, two-year-old son. He's definitely Mr. Right, but can Colleen leave her past behind and start a future? Then again, can Gabriel accept her as she is: still on the run from her kinky relationship with Web, a cruise director; responsible for her "residentially challenged" father in Boston; and about to be downsized from her job as a librarian? A Texas sexual revolution threatens as Colleen and Gabriel play out tensions between Yankees and Texans, haves and have-nots, and women and men.