The "Povest' Vremennykh Let" (Hardcover)

An Interlinear Collation and Paradosis, with David Birnbaum and Horace G. Lunt (Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute Sources and Documents)

By Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, Donald Ostrowski (Editor), David Birnbaum (Editor)

Harvard University Press, 9780916458911, 3pp.

Publication Date: January 15, 2004

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The Tale of Bygone Years (Povest Vremennykh let) is an important source for the history of early Rus'. This volume provides the text, including all of the known redactions of the Povest. It consists of an intercollation of the five oldest redactions, three modern redactions, three later interpolations and Donald Ostrowski's own final interpretation. The intercollated texts are nested line by line.