REMF Diary (Paperback)

By David Willson

Black Heron Press, 9780930773069

Publication Date: January 1, 2010

List Price: 14.95*
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This is how it was to be a REMF in Vietnam- the ice cream, the Coca Cola, the air conditioning, the clean, starched jungle fatigues, and yes, the parades and the whores, I leave nothing out; it is all in there. The typing and the saluting, too. With this, David Willson sets the tone for REMF Diary. Between these covers is a very funny, ironic novel of the Vietnam War. It is a story told by an army clerk stationed in Saigon. His perceptions of the war and of the paper war around him make for hilarious reading.

Praise For REMF Diary

“This debut . . . is related by a nameless soldier, a 24-year-old self-described loser (‘a piece of jetsam on the sea of life’) with a menial desk job in Vietnam. The often self-depreciating narrator is also funny, intelligent and cynical.” — Publishers Weekly

“David A. Willson illuminates an aspect of the Vietnam war that is rarely discussed and even more rarely dealt with in literature. Moreover, he does so with dry humor and a painstaking eye for detail. His characters are at once wonderfully absurd and chillingly real. “REMF Diary” is as necessary to understanding what Vietnam was really like as any book written about grunts, guerrillas or Green Berets.” — W.D. Ehrhart, author of Vietnam-Perkasie and Going Back