Set-Jetting in Style (Paperback)

By Jill Nash, Carlo Nash

Luxury Backpackers Ltd, 9780955739743, 211pp.

Publication Date: January 10, 2010



'Set-Jetting in Style' is the third book in the Luxury Backpackers seriespublished by husband and wife duo - this book highlights world famous filmsand their locations - and it also acts as a travel guide selecting the bestplaces to stay, eat and explore. The book features detailed coverage of over60 'must see' films, and their locations from action and adventure films andmusical dramas. In the usual Luxury Backpackers style, the book doesn'tcover obvious locations, but has chosen destinations that are 'off the beatentrack' as well as a few that are accessible and close to home. The 8 countriesfeatured are: U.K, Spain, Greece, South Africa, The Caribbean Islands, India, Cambodia and Canada.Some travellers will trek high mountains or spend serious money inCasinos just because they watched a film featuring their favourite actor, be it Angelina Jolie, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery or Brad Pitt. Travellersmay aspire to that particular lifestyle or are captured by the fantasy of theirfavourite film, and just travelling to the location, seeing where it was filmedand where their favourite actors 'hung-out' makes the dream feel real.Set-Jetting in Style, is a guidebook ideally suited to independent travellerswho are fanatical about fil